Stainless Steel Wool

If you read my previous post about the Thunder Alley Exhaust, you heard me whinning about how loud it is. Even w/ the SA. In my quest to reduce the noise, I took a SS scouring pad, cut in half and placed it inside the perforated 1 1/2" pipe in front of the diffuser. Most of the exhaust flow must pass through the pad and the results were very good. Got 2 hours riding today and the performance is still there. Its just a bit quieter w/ the same big exhaust tone. :D The question is. has anyone had experience using SS wool like this in an exhaust application. Will it last or eventually burn up. :)

Staintune exhausts use stainless steel wool as packing to good effect. I imagine it is more course than the average as you never need to repack them.


I've had the same packing of SS wool in my FMF Megamax II muffler for about a year and it's still holding up great.

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