Clarke 2.6 gal?

What are you guys running for a fuel shut off with these oversized tanks? The stock shut off works but it directs the fuel line forward towards the radiator than has to loop around. Looks messy.... Is there a good aftermarker shut off that will work better? Also I was thinking of running a shut off on the other side of the tank,exhaust side,and "Y" them together as a small reserve? what do you guys think? The stock shut is a little to thick and looks like it will come in contact with cylinder,any suggestions? thanks

On my clarke I mounted the stock petcock reversed, aligning the fuel outlet at the carb. This works but the fuel valve doesn't like to turn from off to on that easily. I also have a clarke petcock that has the on/off valve on the outside and aligns the fuel outlet with the carb that I may try soon.

Ya,I tried that but the petcock lever hits the cylinder when reversed.Looks like I will do some shoping.....

I have the clarke and I used the OEM petcock. I haven't had any problems with it snagging on things and have had 0 comments as to it looking "ugly" or anything.

If it can make it through this, it can make it through anything:


How in the **** did you do that to your bike. Was it sunk in a mud bog?

Looks like riding through a newly thawed stubble field. Standard issue around here, When there isn't 2 ft of snow...............

Looks like 3 extensive pressure washes to get that pig remotely clean.

On my Ims Tank I also reversed the petcock! Dont know if it my help others with IMS tank the petcock is hard to open and close thou.

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