Am I allowed here?

I have a WR450 on order and am about to get excommunicated from the Suzook board.

If voted in I promise to not make fun of anyone's:





Sexual orientation

Education or lack there of

But I reserve the right to make fun of Honda, KTM and Suzooki owners.

I'm in your hands, please be gentle.

And yes I have been drinking.

Who excomunnicated ya beezer? They should not have

we talk to the Yamaha guys all the time. Ain't nothing wrong with either brand. just different goals. Yam's are more racy and Suzy Q's are more trail oriented. Far as I'm concerned your welcome anytime beezer. oldasdirt :):D:D

Every convert is welcome, except those who rehash old DRZ war stories about how fast their trailbikes were and how they drag raced and beat full size WR's and YZ's without being given a head start. LOL

Oh and I forgot, those who convert and then go boohooing as to how hard it is to jet the blue bikes compared to how easy it was with the yellow ones.

Welcome aboard, theres no doubt in my mind your going to have one sweeeeeeeet ride.

Now if I could convince my wife how humiliating it is when your buddy riding a 4 year old CR2smoke50 brakechecks you 30 seconds into a 20 mile loop, leaves you like for dead trying to start your bike, and then is on his second cigarette in the parking area when you show up.

This moment in time could have been avoided with the E-button and a spouse who would understand how important it is to stay on top of the dogpile of current offroad motorcycle technology by simply throwing more money at your addiction.

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hey BEEZER ill trade you those 2 E's for 2 O's :):D


I was just being silly, no one gave me the boot.

I have no brand loyalty what so ever.

I'll buy whatever I think is the best bike be it blue, red, yellow, orange or green.

I have owned just about all the brands and realize after the sale was made none of the manufacturers would urinate on my head if my hair was on fire.

By the way Old, I think you are da man. All of the obstacles you have overcome to ride and not one snivel out of you.

I can't wait to get my WR450, I'm going to try to put a plate on it and really rip up the town. :)

[ August 08, 2002: Message edited by: beezer ]


Nah, most of us Zook owners will still speak to you. I must admit that I get quite a laugh when all the trash-talkin' between brands fires up. WRs and DRs are designed for totally different types of riding styles.

What's the saying?

Different (four)strokes for different folks?


2001 DRZ400E and VERY happy with it. Twin brother to a WR426 and soon to be WR450 owner(See, I'm not all that bad!). :)

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