So how do you guys like, or dislike the WR 450

Looking to buy one, any info. thanks


Love it. Best off road bike I've ever ridden hands down.

My WR450 is by far the best off-road motorcycle I've ever ridden..... I really like it a lot...

due to weather i only have 14 miles on my bike,but they are the best 14 miles i've had on any off road bike before.

Ditto on the above. If Steve McQueen had a WR450 in the Great Escape he would never have gone back to that German prison camp. Tim

whatsamatta thumper,

having trouble getting traction in 2 feet of snow? :)

Dan did you figure out your starter problem?

What makes this the best bike you guys have ever ridden? Everyone that has one seems to be of the same opinion I see.

Truly an awesome bike it handles like it weighs 220 lbs. the power band is unbeleiveable. I keep leaning it over further and further but that front wheel just keeps stickin like it's on rails.

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