titanium spring

Correct spring rate for the combined rider/bike weight is the single most important factor in suspension setup. But without checking, I think you'd need to be pretty light to run a 4.9 rear spring.

The Standard spring rate was 5.5kg/mm '06-'08.

Just after info from people who have actually measured the spring rates. Ive got a std 08 450 here, and it has a red spring - single pink dot. And my graph tells me its 5kg

It varies from 4.88-5kg in the range of 273-240mm compressed length.

Who here has tested them, and not just gone off what the manual says???

anybody no how much i can get for my stock Ti spring from my 2006 with very very low hours on it??

I got around $50 for mine on ebay.

I think the big knock on Ti springs is that they are inconsistant in their spring rates....at least that is what the "suspension gurus" say.

TI springs are fine but if those rubber/plastic tabs at each end get worn or start splitting then you will find that the spring will act softer than it really is in its rate..

Here's my "red" spring tested from my 09' yzf450


A magnet will tell you.

Magnet no Sticky, Must be Ti

So, then, Race Tech says they measured it at 5.3, MX-Tech agrees, and here you come with a chart showing 5.3.

I'm beginning to detect a pattern here.

The 2006 yzf 250 used a 5.1 ti spring. Its a good choice for a softer 450 spring or a harder 250 2 stroke spring. Being that it was oem it often shows on ebay for good prices.

Just for fun, price that ti spring from yamaha.

Does anyone know what the inside diameter of a titanium spring is? I want to try using one on an Ohlins TTX, which comes with a 61mm spring.

The YZ spring has a different ID at each end. The dimensions are 63.4x60.6x270.

The YZ spring has a different ID at each end. The dimensions are 63.4x60.6x270.
Thanks, It might work with a spacer.

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