Another Graphics question

I have an '07 450 White. Someone said it looks good if you take the blue OEM graphics and put them on my white plastics, anyone ever done this?

no but I do like gold hubs and black rims. . . . .

ive seen it.. it does look pretty good.

what a better look is get the 06 le graphics and use thos.. all u have to do is cut the lil peice of yellow trim and u have a good lookin kit..

Not OEM graphics, but...




Not OEM graphics, but...

Where did you get those?

no but I do like gold hubs and black rims. . . . .

You must be referring to my post the other day. I have to admit that I posted that on behalf of my buddy, who was looking to do your exact set-up, and I forwarded the photos on to him so he could see what it looked like. Sorry I used you for your good lookin bike.:p

Where did you get those?

From ebay, shop called "west-coast-graphics".

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