handlebar hand guard problem


I went to put a handlebar hand guard back on. Sadly im an idiot and seem to have lost a spreader nut inside the handlebar. I've looked but cant see a damm thing, just blackness. Whats the process for retrieiving a spreader nut which is lodged in a handlebar?


There's different things that can be tried for a situation like that. It happened to me not that long ago, but I was able to get it back out pretty quick. Here's some suggestions: a long screw that can thread into that nut, a metal coat hanger with the tip of the wire slightly bent, a pen-sized retractable magnet, or even blowing air with a compressor from the other end of the handle bars. Just a few things that can be tried to get that sucker out of there. Whenever something like that happens, just take the opportunity to take a break and relax, take your time to figure out a plan of action. Frustration leads to nothing good.

You can always wait till you dump the bike on that side...... it just might come out.....


It's happened to me before too!

I just shook the bike over on it's side and it eventually slid out enough for me to see it and grip it with a piece of wire. Tapping the bars with a hammer lightly also helps to get it moving.


thanks guys. Basically I had pushed it out of reach with a screwdriver whilst trying to get the nut. I took a piece of wire and got it out. Thanks very much.

compressed air

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