GPS VHF combo needed for woods riding

After a rather lengthy bike recovery incident in a National Forest this past weekend I really appreciate my

Garmin GPS 45XL... :)We were able to find the broken down bike and recover it. As it was necessary for us to split up I felt the need for each rider to have a VHF (cell phones don't work in this National Forest). Does anyone make a good combination handheld GPS and VHF?

Try the Garmin Rino GPS. It is a GPS and a two way radio in one. It will even show your position to other rino users.

what mmbasa said its a good unit. check ebay i saw lots of them on there

Sounds like the way to go.. Any suggestions on where to find em at a good price?

Try Ebay. There are two models the 110 or the 120. The first is cheaper, go to Garmins website to see wich one works for you. Both are good though.

Just got one for my birthday yesterday...WAY cool!

If you have friends with Rhinos as well you can see their position on the gps everytime you contact them or they contact you. You can EVEN send other rhino users specific postions you'd like to meet!

They work with other FRS radios and also have the ability to run GMRS which extends your range from 2 miles to 5 miles.

I got the Rhino 120, its got 8 mb of storage, enough for everything I'll need.


Does the garmin GPS that you use have a handlebar mount. Does this unit also have a map that shows your position. I have the GPS 3 w/ handlebar mount for the Valkyrie and is perfect for the highway. Its a "Garmin" mount but I;m concerned that bouncing on the dirt bike would be too much for the mount. Can someone post a photo of the unit mounted on there bike and send specs.

Thanks in advance. :)

Here, this is great!

Garmin Rino 120


Thanks Joe:

That is Way Cool :)

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