Wheel spacers/fork question

Ok heres the deal, I had everything apart to change/grease the bearings. I installed the lower triple and correctly tightened the spanner nut, put the top triple on, put the fork tubes in and tightened the upper pinch bolts. then I torqued the stem nut then torqued the lower pinch bolts.

My forks arent level. The outer tubes are even on the triples but the "passenger" side fork end is lower than the "drivers" side.

I can not get anything to line up to put the wheel on. Is it normal to have the forks un even? I was told that it probably was rebuilt incorrectly. will it hurt it to run it the way it is until I can afford (or attempt) a rebuild?

Also, I think my spacers are wrong, I do not have a "bell" shaped one (see pics) and when the wheel is inbetween the forks there is about a half inch of axle showing.

I dont think I put anything together wrong enough to create these two problems.

I really want to ride this weekend so hopefully I can fix it easily, the bell shaped spacer is like 28 bucks, there has to be a better alternative




I changed all the swing arm bearings and got it all back together and the darn wheel is giving me all the problems. (I cant believe how unbalanced this bike is once you start taking it apart, lol)


I would remove both top caps from the fork tubes and make sure the caps are fully threaded onto the damper rods. Be careful when you remove the cap on the longer leg as it may have stripped the threads off the damper rod, which will put all the spring pressure on the cap. You could also just remove the longer fork leg and try compressing it. If you feel any damping or hear any oil moving, the cap is still connected to the rod. If you only feel a spring, chances are it's stripped off. If that checks out OK, though, I would say you've got a problem with your damper rod/piston/cartridge, but I'm not familiar enough to guess what.

Ugh, I guess its time to learn about forks... I though I was going to sneak by with just learning about rear suspension for a while...

anyone else have any input about the spacers?

wow, I feel shunned or something....

I decided to put it together and run it. the shoulder on the axle took up about 1/4" of the gap between the spacer and left fork leg. I figured the other 1/4" isnt a big deal? I bought some 3/4" conduit and made a half inch spacer, but thats obviously not needed. should I make a 1/4" one, or is it not a big deal?

I dont think it will hurt any to have the forks uneven like that, hopefully they are ok on the inside.

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