Anyone use a Chatterbox?

I am looking at getting a Chatterbox from HJC.

My dad and I have a set-up currently using a Cobra walky-talky type of set-up. I have a headset with ear bud that I put in my ear, then put my helmet on, and he can talk to me, but I cannot talk back, as it is a PTT (Push to Talk) system, and their is no mic in the helmet. He doesn't race too much, so he uses it to communicate with me during the hare scrambles.

I would like to have 2-way communication, as well as an ability to talk to him whem we go riding. (we only have one headset even.)

I had been checking out the HJC CHatterboxes, either the Multisport, or the FRS X2 system.

I don't need anything awfully expensive. They are somewhat pricy as it is though!

Obviously we'd need two of them. ANyone know how the interactivity is? Does the Multisport work with the X2? (One have the multisport, one the X2, will they work together? I would think so.)

Quality of reception transmission?

I'm just really liking the durability of the units, the VOX, and being MADE for helmet usage, unlike the set-up we currently have, as it is a major pain in the butt to setup, plus it can fall out of my ear unless it is taped in, and the obvious problem of no 2-way communication, just 1 way talking.

I don't know much about the chatterbox, I was interested in it but it was just too expensive. Hopefully others will comment on the chatterbox. I just wanted to tell you to check out the headset Radio Shack makes that fits Cobra radios. It has an earbud and boom mike that fits nicely in your helmet and it has a little retention "thingy" that folds behind your ear to keep it in. It works great and has never fallen out. It is a little bit of a pain to set up as well but it's cheaper ($30 bucks per headset) if you already own cobras. It has push to talk mode and VOX. We mount the PTT button with a zip-tie by the left hand and it works great.

I've got a Chatterbox that I use for snowmobiling. The mounting system is pretty cheezey. And, if you try to use the voice activate feature, the engine noise will set it off. So, we just use the button to talk instead. It has a 5 mile range, but expect about one or two if you're in the woods. In general it is a good product, but at $225 it should be a great product. IMO

If it were me, I would buy the headset for your walkie talkie, since you already have one.

Actually, I have a 2 way radio system that I make myself and sell that is designed for motorcycle use. It uses a Motorola Talkabout FRS radio.

The radio set up that I have been making consist of: a Chatterbox headset (microphone & 2 good quality speakers),a push to talk switch mounted on the left side of your handlebars and a coiled cord that goes between you and the bike.

It unplugs easily in the event of a crash to eliminate wiring damage. The Motorola radio mounts to your chest protector either by clipping on or as I and most of my buddies have done - purchase an inexpensive ($10) radio pouch from a local ham radio store.

You can take a look at my website and see if it looks like something you might be interested in.



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