39.2" Seat height

Is the 39.2 inch seat an issue? Also, do you feel the seat is too firm?

April Delivery...

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I am referring to the WR450F.

I'm 5'10". I trail rode my buddies WR450 for a while and the height was only a problem in the slow tight turn stuff. The bike still turned nice. Everywhere else I didn't notice the height, well except when I stopped to put my foot down. :) My buddy who is 5' 9" complained about it riding too tall but I'm sure the suspension will setup up a little better when he gets a few more miles on it and gets it dialed in.

The seat was unnoticeable to me so I'd say it was good. :D

I'm 6' and have no problem with the seat height. It just takes a bit to get used to.


I rode the public trail system in Hopkinton last summer. Those where some impressive, well-maintained trails. I can't wait to go back. You're lucky to have them in your back yard.

I am 6'5" so seat height is not an issue, I did feel the seat was a little narrow and too firm but I am not used to the new type of motocross bikes with not much of a seat to them. You will get used to it soon enough.

See my post- Could you use another inch. I posted about a week ago.

I'm barely 5'9" and only have to watch out when stopping on uneven terrain. The seat is very nice compared to my 02' WR 250. Much easier on the hind quarters.

I have a 29" inseam which is the real info. that determines if you can reach the ground or not. 6' doesn't tell someone the length of your legs. I can barely touch with gear and boots on. I have shaved the seat down and removed one of the foam pads to make the seat softer. This allowes your legs a straight line to the ground without sliding off to the side of seat. The next question, have any of the people posting set their sag or is the bike sitting lower than specs. Tire psi etc. etc.

My sag is set to specs. tires 12psi, white insert seat pad removed, top foam pad sanded down, sitting in line with foot pegs on seat I can barely touch the gound. If I stop on any unlevel ground I have to slide to the side of seat to hold the bike up. I'm 190lb.and have no trouble holding the bike up when I can touch the ground. Also been riding for 30yrs. Hope this info. helps with your decision. It will take some getting used to compared to a smaller bike but I'm more than happy with everything else about the bike.

I'm 5'7", have a 29" inseam on a good day and weigh 165 lbs. I have a WR426 and stock the bike is waaayyy too tall with the 39.2" seat height for me.

I raised the forks in the triple clamps 3/8" and set the sag @100mm. It made a huge difference and I can now touch the ground with both feet. Barely!

I have not shaved the seat down but might consider it in the future if what I have done already isn't enough.


Wanted: 3" Platform Motocross Boots :) 6' 32" inseam

I sat on one today and would have to say too tall for me. It would be a problem on the tight hilly trails I ride.

Seat height is only an issue when stopped. Don't ever stop.

you could always strap some 4x4's on your boots !! :)

you could always strap some 4x4's on your boots !!

With that picture in my mind I am ROTFLMAO :)

I thought the seat height would be a big problem when I first got my YZ but it turned out not to be a big issue.

Of course the seat is firm it's a Yamaha off road bike. I think it's a good thing because it makes me stand up more then I would if the seat was plush. Seat height is no problem for me being 76" my shorter friends don't want to even try to ride it due to being too tall.

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