Dr D Hot Start

Has anyone installed the Dr D Hot Start system. I am thinking about putting one on and was curious what the opinion was about it.

I had one on my yz426.I really liked it made it easier to just kick and go(no bending over to pull the knob).You don't need to remember to push the button back in either.I say if you have an extra 90 bucks get one.It was worth it to me but i'm lazy.

Hi sp43,

I installed my Dr. D Hotstart about 6 months ago and really like it. It was really easy to install. I like the fact that it automatically shuts off once the bike starts back up. Much more convenient. I recommend it!


Ditto on what everyone else here has to say about it. I absolutely loved it on my 02 WR426. Here's a shot of it on the old 426. It was the best aftermarket add-on I bought.

Dr. D. remote hot start

Thans for all the input. It sounds like everyone really likes it. I think I will give it try.

SP43,Love mine too.It's a definite must as well if your going to run an oversize tank.Almost impossible to reach stock H.S. with the Ty Davis tank,but it does lower the C.G.

Go for it,It's only money :)

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