Fuel take question

Ok Tank not Take. :p

I am going to order a larger tank for my 06 wr450f.

I am leaning for the IMS over the Clarke, just wanted to check and make sure no one has been having any issues with one tank or the other before I buy.

I have searched and read all the fuel tank posts, most are old and differant year bikes, and some said new tanks would be coming out late last year.

I just didnt want fuel boil, or any other problems, or maybe even options on any new styles. Not interested in the Acerbis, or Zipty.


I have had the IMS on my '07 for almost two years now with no problems what-so-ever.:p

clark on my 07, does not hang as low and close to the exhaust as an ims.010.jpg


The comments regarding the use of IMS tanks on 2007 WR's, as I am sure you realize, don't pertain to your bike. The 2007 WR has an aluminum frame and your 2006 WR has a steel frame --- completely different animals.

I don't know your issue with the Acerbis tank, but in my opinion, it is a very good choice for your steel framed bike. I had an Acerbis tank on my 2003 and 2006 WR's and I was very pleased with the tanks. The Acerbis tank holds 3.5 Gals., it's narrow, it has two petcocks, it is extremely well made, it is priced right and it is EXACTLY the same tank as the much more expensive Yamaha GYT-R tank (Acerbis makes the GYT-R tank).

The issue with the IMS tank on the steel frame WR's is that the tank hangs down VERY low and the exhaust header is too close to the tank and right-hand fuel line at the tank outlet. Folks have watched their bikes burn to the ground because of this situation. A friend of mine left the remains of his burned 2005 WR in Baja Mexico after the fuel line melted and doused gasoline on a hot engine. For a time, several years ago, there were pictures of a bike that had burned on a Forest Service trail in one of the mountain states on this forum after the IMS tank had melted. Another friend had the fuel line melt on his IMS tank and he lost all of his fuel a long way from home while on a ride in Baja Mexico. IMS tanks for the steel framed WR's are a bad choice.

I have a Clarke tank on my 2008 WR and I am very pleased with the quality, fit and finish of this tank. It is reasonably priced as well. I am not familiar with the Clarke tank for the 2006 WR, however.

Thanks for the replys and pm's.

Looks like some people have had issues with the IMS tank on the 06 that are not issues with the 07/08. I dont think i would like being on fire so fine with me. I'm easy that way.

All i can find on the .net for Clarke tanks is a 2.8 gal option for the 06. Thats just isnt enough of a differance over the stock tank for the bucks.

I just oredered a Acerbis 3.5 gal tank before I read another 20 threads and confuse myself with anymore. :p

Now if the rain and snow would stop I could actually burn some fuel. Guess I will jsut sit and look at the dike all day tomorrow:(

here is my 06 with the IMS tank.2006wr450.jpg

Ok next question.

Does anyone have any info on painting, wrapping, or full decaling a clear tank.

I am not looking for a ghetto look, it has to look nice.

I am thinking if the clear tank was taped off straight down with a tape line then painted Yami blue it would look real nice and you will still be able to see the fuel level. If there are graphics or a vinal wrap for the Aserbus 3.6 that would work as well.

Is any of this possible?

Anyone done it or seen it done?

Any pics floating around?

Does anybody have pics of the Clark 3.6 on a WR 450 2007 or newer and was it difficult to install?

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