426 ? Anybody still own one

Seems like all of the posting for the last fiew weeks is about the 450. I purchased a left over 2002 WR426 last month and have been doing all of the free mods. Another month the snow will be gone and I can test it out, can't wait. Anybody out there with a 426 running at sea level that is very happy with there jetting that would like to share it? I plan to break it in with stock jetting and then change to E taper. Just trying to narrow down the order list. Thanks

With all of this Woodruff key talk I have tryed to search old posts to find problems with the 426. Can't find any info.. Must be the 426 doesn't have a Woodruff key, he he.

I still have one and I damn LOVE IT!! Rather have my 02' WR426FP than the 03' WR450. Sorry, my jetting is different than yours. I'm at 4300 ft.

I have a 2001 426 and live at approx. sea level. The jetting I'm using really works well so far. I am going to try a few more variations but if you want a solid starting point give this(see signature) a try and hopefully you will agree.

I loved my 02 WR426 and it was an AWESOME bike, but having been able to put some good time on the new WR450 I would take the 450 over the 426 anyday. The new ergos, electric start, auto-decomp and smoother, broader power make it a better choice, IMO. If you gotta have a 268lb. bike it might as well have all the goodies on it. :)

Hey Dangler, about how far can you go on a tank of gas?

You won't be disappointed with your purchase. I haven't had any problems with mine except plug fouling which I think is now cured after the BK mod and updated jetting. Sorry, I ride 5,200 to 13,000 feet so I'm not much help there.

I would go look for a YZ seat/tank combo. I got a Clarke 3.3 gallon and it handles much better. I know everyone is making a big deal about how the 450 tank/seat feels but if I bought one, I'd have to get a larger tank right away anyway.

On my 01 WR426 with the stock tank, I can get about 80 miles out of a tank riding hard. Nursing it, you could probably get 100+.


Actually, I really couldn't tell you in terms of miles what I can get on a tank of fuel. I removed my stock odometer early on and have just recently added the trailtech computer over the winter. With the winter we have had, I haven't had a chance to get out and ride hardly at all to try out the new computer....maybe around the yard once or twice. But having enough fuel has never really been an issue for me, the stock WR tank carries plenty in my experience.

Here is my jetting for 0 to 3000 ft

OBELN clip #3

160 mj

200 maj

42 pj

75 paj

BK mod

James now

450f cam

nobody owns a 426 anymore. Those bikes are a thing of the past.


Darin - WR400F :)

:) :DLOL :D :D

hey tc, had my bike new last spring, I,ve rode it all season, last year & didn't have a single problem w/fouling or hot starting, matter of fact the bike started easier w/ the hot start off. put 350+ miles on bike, till I wrecked & took out the headlite & odometer. love the fourstroke power. SPRING IS ALMOST HERE.

:) I am at 178 MSL and my 02 WR426F jetting is PJ#48 & MJ#168 std needle & clip position. I have the pipe listed below and she runs like a scalded dog. Easy start and idle forever. :D

Yup, still riding my '01 Miss Piggy.......good thing is, my "starter" has yet to give out or shear anything :D.........

Shameful, I know, sorry.......

Dodger :D:)

I am in the same boat as you rider!!! I just bought a carry over 02 WR426 and I cant wait to ride it :) dont know if my jetting works or not, I havent got to ride it yet :D but once the snow melts I will let you know, I am going with a 165 main jet and a 42 pilot to start out with. Dont worry about the 450 guys when all there keys break we can still go bye and roost them :D :D

I have an 01 WR426f!! Great bike!!!!! totally reliable and very fast.... I'm gonna let her go and I'm am truly going to miss the bike, always a 1 kick machine... Good times....


I have had mine for almost a year now, still learning it and loving every minute of it. Its only better because its mine :):D :D That and having to kick it over evens out the clutch use my left leg get in the car :D

I like the snap of the 426 Tc,I'm keeping mine!!!!!!!!!!

OBELN seems to really bring the power down a little lower for me.Love the YZ pipe w/PMB endcap.I just made a custom end cap silencer tested @ 93 db yesterday.So far it looks like this for warmer weather;


42 Pilot

75 PAJ

168-165 Main

1.5 turns out

This could change but seems like a favorite,so far.

BK mod just made my bike hesitate,even with 45-48 Pilot

100 PAJ combo.Also tried different clip positions.My SOP meter says 42/75 with all the squirt.Good Luck :)

RSA, thanks for the reply. S.E. Michigan, where do you ride down there? I normally do Kalkaska or Leetsville and run into alot of riders from your area.

TC, We normally day trip to Mio area,Denton-Leota,Gladwin,St.Helen area.Those areas are about a 2-3 hr.trip.In the summer we usually do a couple week long trips and go up further,last year we rode the Tomahawk system.What are the trails like at Kalkaska & Leetsville? I have not done much in N.W. Michigan yet.Silver Lake is about the extent of my N.W. excursions.There really is'nt much down here in S.E.MI.Besides I need to escape the city life to retain my sanity,Roost on my friend :D:)


Both Kalkaska and Leetsville are single track, four wheeler width. Leetsville is a 25 mile loop, quite flat and sandy, nobody ever rides it so the head on is not an issue. Kalkaska is approx. 80 miles, gas and food both at the top and bottom of the loop. Its easy to break up into 25 mile loops, some good hills, sand and hardpack. Lots of whoops and heavily wooded in most areas. Retains the moisture well, not much dust. Traffic normally not to bad, lots of blind corners. I need to explore new areas this year to compare, but I do like Kalkaska. I ride with my 14 yr old son and we keep track of our times between points, allways trying to go faster, and thats a blast. Used to go slow and wait but now I can't shake him. This will be the year that the trash talk will change directions. Oh well, but I think that will make me happy.

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