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From Record to DVD Menu: How to film MX! EVERYTHING!

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Ok, I thought that I had just had enough with taking video at the track and coming home, editing it and then I sit with something I cant share. I have decided that, because I now know how to do this entire process from recording to viewing it on a TV or Computer through a DVD player in Full HD, I will make a tutorial on how to do it.:p

I will split my tutorial into parts, basically as much as I can write without falling asleep.

Now I will show you the way I did it, this is not the only way and probally not the best way, but it works, and works well.

What you need: (There are substitutes), you dont need HD things.

- A Camcorder (Im using JVC's Everio, Full HD)

- A Computer

- Editing Software (I Recomend Sony Vegas, reads almost any file)

- DVD Burning Software (HIGHLY Recomend Cyberlink Power 2Go)

- DVD Player

- HDMI Screen (Or normal)

- HDMI Cable if using HD equipment.

- DVD's

- Sturdy Tri-Pod

Now let me get something right, HD DVD's only store more info, not better quality. So for short vids, normal DVD's are fine.


Rules of Filiming

One of the big concerns of filiming is that the camera shakes and vibrates due to the human nature of movement, you just cant help it! Well there is a solution to this. PRACTICE! This sounds crazy but its true. Also another method of reducing the shake is by creating a jig. Now im currently working on one, so il try and upload photos soon.

This jig works by suspending the camera in the middle of a ring, using rubber bands. I invented this. Samll vibrations caused by you will be dampened by the bands, giving a much smoother look to your clip.

Also adding more control and stability to the cam is the old and fool proof way of a shoulder brace. I have also gotton the idea of having a shoulder brace that has a weight on the back behing the shoulder to take the weight off the camera. This will make moving the camera easer and more smoother.

You can also mount the ring on the front of the shoulder brace. If you find that the bands are damping the cam too much you can double the ammount of bands to give it more response, this would help if you are usually closer to the bike and need more fast action panning! Yet you will be zoomed out further so vibrations will be seen less.

Get a good variation! Dont take video from the same place all the time, just taking a pan shot of the same bike comming past every time. That gets hard to edit and keep interesting. Move about the track and get shots from all over the place, and different bikes all the time.

Also, when panning, NEVER zoom in, or atleast this is my rule. I know some people think it adds good effect, yes it does but you can edit this later on. Also same with starting a clip out of focus and bringing it into focus. This can be done with editing but not undone! So leave tricks and effects to the editing stage!

And another thing, keep your subject atleast a half of the screen, so atleast double its hight must fit in and its width, which ever comes first. You can always zoom in and track the subject in editing later on. Also never go into digital zoom, stay in optical zoom, or you will loose HD quality extreamly fast!

Lighting is a very important aspect of photography and just as much with videography. Try and get the sun from behind and get good sharp detail light on your subject, in this case a bike. When you start to lens glare and flare, then your looking the wrong way.


Camera Settings

Ok, so here goes, this is how my camera works and is by no means the only way.

There are 3 settings that you are able to set to adjust the ammount of light entering the camera lens. You can either set the 'Aperture' OR 'Shutter Speed' not both. Then you can also set the target 'Brightness'.

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