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Packing;what and how

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b4 i head to the honda shop to buy my golden spectro premix because i can't afford the motul from the Kawasaki shop and they can't order golden spectro,i have a couple of questions regarding fender packs/bags,the contents, and securement.

-what type fender bags/packs do you use and what is your opinion now that it has been field tested?

-what items of importance do you carry and how do you transport/carry said items?

-how do you fully and totally secure everything, to eliminate bag separation or other thereby not losing your packed stuff 15-35 miles from the house because you got to riding too hard/fast? or due to bag/pack failure?

KDXGarage messed w/my head the other day w/his rolling bike shop comment,KUDOS KDXG, and now i am rethinking how i pack what i pack.Perhaps i do pack too much or perhaps i don't pack the right stuff.

just seeking suggestions and personal preferences from you bush riders,trail riders, and racers that really get on out there during a ride.


edited to add-by bag separation i mean the bag actually coming apart at the zipper and allowing your stuff to be slung over a half mile area.I use bunbee cords but i need to be able to have quick access sometimes to my sh-- and unstrapping all the straps is time cosuming not to mention sometimes the hold is not there.

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I race in the desert all the time and I contstantly go on 100+ mile fun rides.

What I carry is a camelbak/backpack. It hold 3/4 of a gallon of water and has two pockets behing the actual bladder pocket. I carry a neat little tee-handle socket set. It is a small tee that has little sockets from 8mm to 14mm that clip on to them.

Here is a list of items I take that fit inside this camelbak with much room to spare.

Small GPS (size of a nokia phone)

SMall measured out bottle of 2-stroke oil (enough for 3 gal)

small vial of octane booster (for those crappy gas stations)

tee-handle socket set

spark plug

spark plug wrench

safety wire

zip ty's

needle nose pliers

screwdriver multitool


small 10-14mm wrenches

The camel bak also has a lot of little loops on the outside where things such as towstraps or whatever can be zip-tied on to the outside.

You may think I am not carrying that much but most of my time is spent on meticulous preparation and inspection.

To almost eliminate flats you should run heavy duty tubes and constantly check your tire pressure. I run atleast 15 psi. If you feel like you can't stick to the ground then either change your tire to a stickier compound or work on riding technique. Just because your tire has knobbies on it doesn't mean it is going to stick real well. Compare the tread depth to new tires in your local shop or you will forget what a good tire looks like.

These bikes are high performance high maintenance machines that need constant inspection everywhere, all the time.

I really don't want to type everything I do after every ride because it would take too long but my point is that you should treat your bike like a race bike even if it isn't.

I will say that my bike has more miles on it than most 08's that people are riding and I never have problems. CHECK AND CLEAN EVERYTHING ON YOUR BIKE ALL THE TIME.

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