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Ride On VOR ,It's Bikeweak again !! woohoo!

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Well here we are with all the nice bikes:moon: n me with my beat to death VOR EN :banana: .I don't know about others but I ride this bilke every day all over the place my tires are bald and oil leaks out where ever it can .yesterday we rode all through the so-called off limits forest and tree farms n huntn grounds :moon: had a blast found some wierd sand hills in the middle of no where:thumbsup: then back into town admist all the crazy harley rider both fairweather lawyer :moon::lol::p "Bikers" n outlaws like.... As for the VOR :p:ride: , starts first kick always runs like a champ , total hoolagin bike,:foul: next week I fly to Greece to go back "Home" ..n if the airline allows it i'm gonna break it down n pack it up n take it with me to greece ..has anyone out there ever done this? is it possible to "fly" a bike overseas or is it just #@$%ed up :banana: or anyone over in Italy got a en for sale ? Ride hard n long P1010035.jpg

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