alluminum frame guards

i just got time to put the gyt-r alluminum frame guards on for my wr450. the right side fits great but the left side blocks the all new easy to get to air filter. so now you have to take the frame guard off to get to the air filter.i suppose a little trim and they will be ok.

here is a pic of it !! pics

nice mounting job on the trail tech computer.

just curious but you do know that the wr450 is a DIRT bike not a snowmobile.


frame guards vs air box lid bottom clip.

when i installed mine a few weeks ago , i drilled 1/8

pilot hole in line with the clip and then used a 1 1/2

metal hole saw and cut out a half moon in the frame guard

looks factory and works perfectly for air box lid removal.

WR450F . full factory effex graphics and black gripper seat

tag x5 cr double high black

trail tech


gyt-r frame guards

yz rear fender with ufo under mount brake lamp

and flashers

drilled out side panel / extra air

enduro engeneering hand guards

street legal

monted for ice racing

I installed the works connection alum.frame guards but haven't even looked at my air fiter for I have only 0 miles on my bike due to the snow.I will check and let you know.

03WR450FR-picked up 2/3/03 0 miles for now but things are looking up.Warmer weather and rain to melt the 2'of snow we just got Mon.

I installed the works connection frame guards, they have no problem getting to the air box cover.

Good luck

At Works Connections web site I didn't see a listing for frame guards for the Wr450, did you use the Wr426 guards?

Mine are Works Connection for a YZ450 and they fit my WR perfectly. They clear the air box lid too.

I bought ones for the yz450.they fit like a glove but I don't know the part #.I can also get my air filter cover off no problem

03WR450FR-picked up 2/3/03. 2.1 miles and no key problems :D.It runs like crap but no key problems :D:)

Hey WR450F 4600FT, how are you a TT member with 29 posts and I'm still a newbie with 50? :)

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