CRD 91dB exhaust system - impression

Yesterday, I went riding at Stonyford. While staging a guy came up on a YZ426 with a CRD Absolute Performance pipe rated at 91dB. I asked him how he liked it but he couldn't answer as this was his first ride with the pipe.

My impression was WOW ! that freakin thing is huge!!!! Looks like a damn grenade launcher hanging off of it. It almost extended to the end of rear fender. The finish looks nice but man I bet it gets crushed on any slide out.

After the ride I saw the guy in the staging area again. I asked how he liked it. He said "felt like a 250" Did say it started to get better towards the end of the day. It sounded like the stocker w/baffle WR pipe

If I decide to go with the CRD I will opt for the 96 dB rated one. Not sure if it is as long but if it is, I may change my mind.


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