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Pilot Jet issue symptom?

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Is the throttle not coming back to idle quickly (just hangs there for a few extra seconds after releasing the throttle) one of the symptoms? It does eventually drop to an idle, but again, it just sort of hangs there, then drops.

Also, when I screw in the fuel screw it does better, but still doesn't go away completely. I even have the fuel screw turned in all the way, which I know is not right.

So is my pilot jet too big?

This is a stock Honda XR 50


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I've used the "search" and found others who have had this issue. I know my fuel screw is not adjusted properly, but setting it to what is considered normal based on what I read on this board does not improve the situation.

I'll pull the jet again and clean it. It isn't giving me the other typical symptoms of a clogged pilot jet, but I'll pull it anyway.

Then I'll check for leaks.


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