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Cheap AIS removal kit

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Effective, but the aesthetics might not appeal to everyone. See pics below.


1. 1/2" copper tubing cap

2. 1/2" rubber vacuum cap

3. 7/32" rubber vacuum cap

4. Aluminum tape - basically thick foil with adhesive

5. 5/8" hose clamp

Total outlay < $5.00 (I already had the tape)


1. Remove the AIS hardware and hoses.

2. Cut aluminum tape into 1/2" wide, 5" long strips and wrap around the tube coming out of the head until the copper cap makes a snug fit.

3. Use a hacksaw to make at least 4 cuts into the copper cap so that when you tighten the hose clamp it will slightly compress.

4. Place the copper cap over the tube. Tighten the hose clamp.

5. Put the 1/2" vacuum cap over the nipple coming off the air box. Access to the nipple is easiest if you remove the air filter access panel.

6. Put the 7/32" vacuum cap over the the intake side nipple.

That's it. Total time about 15 min. Easily reversible.




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