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Photosgraphy Tips

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I am by no means a photographer, I wouldn't even call myself and amateur. However, my girlfriend taught me a few little tricks to make most of your pictures better. I don't know how many of you already know these things but there were new to me. Some don't really apply to action photos, but if you're real good you could probably still do it. BTW, I haven't ridden my dirtbike since she taught me this stuff, so that's why all of the pics are of my mtb.

1. Off Center Subject

This is simple, don't put your subject in the middle of the picture. Try to balance it out by trying to fit something smaller in the background on the other side. Also psychological research has shown that people prefer a subject that is on the left, "looking" to the right, however, "looking" toward the center of the picture is always preferable.


2. Natural Framing

This is where the objects in the picture itself create a "frame". For us the most obvious things would be trees, logs, clouds etc. It's really easy to do for still pictures and it makes a difference.


3. Panning

I haven't tried this yet, but it seems simple enough. Basically you follow a moving object with the camera, continuing to follow it even after you pushed the button (just like when shooting claybirds). This makes the subject clear and everything else blurry. Again I haven't tried it, but she said it works.

4.Messing with brightness, contrast, and saturation

This is one that's probably pretty well known, and there are probably more ways to do this, but this is the one I know. Basically in Photoshop, you turn the brightness down a bit, then the contrast up a bit. This looks nice by itself, but you can also turn the saturation up as well. There's generally a very distinct point at which the saturation goes from nice, to very, very 1980's. If you play with all three of these you can get some nice results, and it takes like 2 minutes to do.







Like I said, I wouldn't even consider myself and amateur, I just like looking at my own pictures, so if you know more than I do, please add any of your own tips.

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