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Wow! Feels Like A New Bike!

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Spent the past two days and 6 gallons of premix playing with my new DEP pipe and silencer combo and JD jet kit. I'm like holy crap batman, SHE RIPS! Any ways had the stock silencer and sst pipe for the past year. Of course I do not know if it is the new jetting or a combo but what a major improvement. I can still lug her around all I want but as soon as I ask for more its there, very quickly. I have way more top end and overrev. I have found that I an having to clutch out of turns much less than before.

I am not a good rider but I am a very aggressive rider constantly asking for all she has.

I rode today with a 175 main 45 pilot and blue needle in the middle. I do have a slight bit of spooge at silencer pipe joint and just a bit at my sliencer end. Not enough to run down just enough that you know it is there. I am planning on going one position leaner on the needle. What do you guys think? I do have a very tiny flat spot on top. It revs out high has a tiny flat spot and then almost feels like a very small secondary hit almost. Does that sound like I could go one leaner on the main? I have not done a chop test.

Thanks for any help guys.

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