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2008 Wr250 No Spark

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Thought I would throw this out to see if anyone else has had this problem. Raced an enduro Sunday 3/1 that was extremely muddy. Bike did great so I went home and got it ready for the Alligator Enduro on Thursday 3/5. First section ran like a champ stopped at the reset and filled up with gas. Second section it was running great until half way through it started missing and I had to really work the throttle to keep it running. I finally stopped and when I started it ran good for about 30 seconds and started running poorly again. I then jerked the vent hose out and it started running good again. Finished up that section started out the third section running perfectly and then 2 miles in it just dies. Doesnt try to fire or even act like it wants to start. I check the gas and she is empty! This bike usually gets 45 miles to the tank and I had maybe been 22 miles! A little gas came out of the vent hose, but not enough to loose that much gas. So I think all I need is some gas and I'll be fine. Well I finally push her out of the woods get some gas and nothing. Doesnt even try to start. Get her home pull the plug and she is getting No Fire to the plug. Any ideas? Thanks for any help!

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