Both my bro in laws went out and bought stock 04 and 05 KTM 525's We are all street legal with DOT dirt tires. To me the 525 looks nice and sounds fast with all the cc's. My 03 has the grey wire cut, opened airbox with K&N. I also have the YZF ex. cam and Dr. D's full exaust. I do not want to have to go buy another bike so I am not getting my but wiped by them all the time!!

I would like peoples opinion that have or know KTM's please.

Thanks for the info.

In a straight line you will lose, and top speed will be a little higher. Just remember there is no replacement for displacement.

The KTM's are 6 speeds, so you will have one less gear on the highway. They will have a higher top speed. You will have better rear suspension, and a far less fragile motorcycle. Don't buy a new bike, just gear it up if top speed is really important.

your bike is fine

your bike is fine

Yea, I know. I am geared up alot so i guess we will see. maybee they are sucky drivers!! LOL.

Most of the guys I ride with are on 525's and no one has lost me yet (90/10)

unless they are much better riders than you and run at full throttle all the time, they won't leave you in the dust. You'll be fine.

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