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Hi All, new member, been lurking on the drz forum for a coupla years. Just bought a 2006 wr450fv. It was very poorly maintained, both fork seals blown oil filthy, coolant half full (didn't find out til home). Worked him down to $2000. Pulled top end down, piston, rings, etc. all in spec, look almost like new. one valve tight, no leaks with solvent test. Forgot to check for head warp, will do so tomorrow. Awaiting parts to put back together! Ran poorly, also awaiting JD kit and GYTR kit. Total carb clean due. I'm a self employed, read unemployed, carpenter, this was a bit of a risk for me. If it works out i,ll sell the drz. Forgot to mention the air cleaner had a quarter size hole in it! Good deal? Plan on doing through maintaince, but anything special i should be looking for. Thanks this forum has been alot of help so far.:p

Check the water pump for coolant from the weep hole on cold starts. Very common on these. I just got an 06 as well and need to change the seals, bearing and impeller shaft.


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