How am I supposed to be productive here at work...

When I have a 2003 YZ cam sitting here staring me in the face?


Got our first Northwest Motorcycle Association Hare Scramble coming up this next weekend, and I need all the help I can get!

Are you going to get the cam installed by this weekend or wait until after the race? I don't think you can wait that long. :)

Can I wait? Not a chance!

I remember the night before my first enduro last year. I attempted to change over to the YZ jetting, and I muffed it all up. Bike ran like crap, so instead of getting some nice shut-eye, I was up all night burning the mid-night oil getting that thing back to stock.

Hopefully I will get the old cam out tonight, inspect the head, and figure out what shims I need. Get it back together tomorrow night, that way I have Thursday and Friday to figure out that I have buggered up the whole thing, and still have enough time to get it back to stock prior to the race.

Can't wait to have a bike that will readily be able to start no matter what predicament that I have gotten myself into....

Last night went well. Got it all tore apart, and put the new exhaust cam in. Measured my clearance, and I was out of specs. Quit there.

Today I went down to the local shop at lunch and got the right shims, ran back up to the house and put in the new shims, re-tourqed the cam holders, re-checked clearances, then put on the valve cover. Had to stop there, but I did get up top and give it a couple of kicks.


Very nice! Kicked like a regular bike would. Can't wait to complete the operation tonight!

Got the bike done last night, and I simply cannot believe how easy it is to start. Simply unbelievable.

I don't know much about the horsepower or torque differences, but the starting alone was worth the effort.

I litterally can start the bike with my hand. Unless you have the "Over 40" button, your bike is probably harder to start then my WZ, and I never thought I would be able to say that to anyone....

Congrats Brandon! What year is your WZ?

just wait till you feel the torque of the 450 cam

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