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Starter relay question

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Is there a trick to installing this little bugger?

I tried di-electric grease, because that's all I had on me. Hours later, after opening the back of the battery box to fit the bigger battery that Eddie suggested, my friend sprayed silicone spray inside the box. "This will make it easier to slide in the battery and bracket," he said.

Is silicone spray the magic I could have used with the relay?

For those who don't know, the relay is inside a black square plastic dealio that fits inside a thick square piece of black rubber, which rests snugly within a two-prong aluminum holder. I managed to pull out the defective relay but then spent well over an hour trying to fit the new one in. Because nighttime was falling and I was working outdoors, I gave up and snipped a part of the rubber. The relay fits inside now but not exactly square. I suppose I should get a replacement for the rubber housing.

Anyway it's been almost 3 weeks to the day that she went silent. After installing the relay and hooking up the battery, my DRZ immediately said, Brap-brap-brap-brap-brap!


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