Oil change intervals???

I own an wr400 -98 and i change oil, filter and sparkplug every 10 hour maybe the sparkplug isent needed to be changed well well....

Just read in the manual that they recommend oilchange after every race and oilfilter after 100 kilometers


Best regard Peter/Sweden

I change my oil after every other MX ride. I change it after every trail ride. Trails rides are longer and my clutch sustains a lot more abuse. I change/clean my filter at every oil change. I have an extra filter I keep clean and then just swap them out at oil change time.


I have retired from MX riding after last fall's very expensive accident and only woods ride/race now.

I change my oil every three rides or 3 races which ever comes first (I practice just as hard as I race...Hmmmm, mabe I sould ride faster like Mr. Bill, nah....I'd have to change my Oil after every ride/race that would mean $16.00 a week in oil alone.)

I have camera scoped my WR's compustion chamber and lower case several times and have found absolutely NO lacquer or carbon build up at any time. As a matter of fact, as my WR/YZ get older I have begun changing the filter (Actually, cleaning with Brake cleaner and re-using)every other oil change. I have not seen a piece of metal in the filter or on my (Advertisement) TY-DAVIS (ZIP-TY) magnetic oil drain plug in quite some time.

OK...Wild Bill....Let ER Rip.....

Bonzai :)

Im the same as Bill #2 :D

Every 3 rides/races.

I also put in the magnetic Zip-Ty plug and this might sound strange but I was a little dissapointed after my first change with the plug. No metal on it. :)

Well, mabye thats a good thing eh? :D

'00WR400 with YZ timing, free mods.

Oil = every ride/race (Spectro 4).

Oil Filter = every 3 oil changes or so, clean every time(Yamaha part).

Air Filter clean = every ride/race (Twin Air).

Valve check = twice in two years.

If I ever blow it up, it's not because of lack of maintenance. It may have some scratches and blemishes on the outside, but she's very sound mechanically.


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