Tank Slap - Ouch

This was a first for me … Screaming up a hill in 3rd… lots of whoops everywhere and then it happened .. Ouch ! A huge tank slap!!!!

I held on the best I could and then chewed a mouthful of dirt! … I also twisted my forks!

So what’s out there that can help .. or should I just go slower.

By the way I’ve ridden this hill many times before on this bike and my XR600



Shift into 4th and GAS IT! :) Drag your brake a scootch while you are gassing it if things get swappy. :D

Check the steering neck bearing adjustment.

I have another question .. To straighten my wheel do I just loosen all the triple clamp bolts (both clamps) and then hold the wheel between my knees and twist the handle bars?

Also if I’d shifted to 4th and gassed it I wouldn’t be here writing this message .. The whoops up the hill were deep. What surprises me is that I’ve never felt this before, I went up the same hill the same way four or five times that day.


Loosen everything,(clamps and wheel), start to tighten at the bottom and work to the top.

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