Why'd i blow both fuses?

The bike is still on the truck. I at my girlfriends house. No fuses, no manual.

Yesterday I went riding with a bunch of mountain goats disguised as guys on KTMs. An Oak tree got in my way. I tore the left front turn signal loose on my street legal, 07 WR450. Per usual, when we were finished riding, I did a post trip. My horn and turn signals work even if the bike is turned off and not running. The last thing I checked was my left front turn signal, that was now absent. Rolled the bike on the truck, called it a day.

Later when I was at girliefriend's house, no juice. I checked the one fuse. Ah hah! no wonder. Probably blew it during the post trip, when there were bare wires hanging. Then I checked the other fuse. It's blown also. Any Ideas before i tie into this?

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