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XR 400 vis BMW G450X

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Well I have just had my first decent ride on my new BMW G450 X after comming off an uncorked xr 400. (BMW still restricted i.e. 41hp)

Quite a surprise really. I am no expert but the XR has much more bottom end power and I am fairly sure it would out run the BMW in a drag race (up to a point). Perhaps it was i was a little reluctant to rev the BM but I was expecting it to be much more agressive. That said the BM is so easy to ride & felt really light.

The big difference was the handling. The BM is amazing. The XR can be a little unpredictable in the wet mud and ruts. I felt much more confident on the BM even after half an hour. What a nice bike to ride.

Still keeping the XR. The ride is so different but the XR is a lot of fun and I think it is still a better bike for deep boggy tracks we do a lot of in the winter.

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