Draging clutch

The clutch on my wr400 2000 is dragging even though it's properly adjusted, the lever can be pulled in and it will drag the clutch, pulling the bike along this also makes it difficult to select nutural. It seams that the clutch is operating over too long a pull on the lever. i put new friction plates in and a new cable but still no change. Do i need a new clutch basket or something?

Check your steels for flatness. They might be warped and acting like springs. Then check the movement at the clutch itself when you pull the clutch in. If these two things are ok, then it is probably the oil.

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Sounds like warped plates (metal) If the basket

was worn you would feel a jerk when you put it in gear.

In 2000 They went to more clutch plates and didn't add any oiling Holes. so your not getting oil to the plates that you need. you need to take the clutch out and drill more oiling holes in the inner clutch basket or order a Hinson They came with more holes so they cured the problem. Trust me


The other day I was moving my bike in the garage and bumped the shift lever into 1st gear, I grabbed the clutch to continue pushing it and it acted as if the clutch lever was not pulled in. The bike had been parked for a few days so it was cold. I haven't noticed this before, is this normal? I have roll started it out in the hills before and did not have this problem. Does this only happen when engine is cold? thanks for any info!!

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