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Is noise (sound, loudness) relative?

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I am curious if this is the case. Because if it is, all that needs to be done is to lower the noise output of all new bikes at the same time.

Some people will always want their bike to sound good, maybe even better than others. But if everyones bikes are quieter then being better than most will also be quieter than what we have now.

Also if all bikes are quieter those that strive for the quietest bike will be even quieter still.

Tere will always be a loudest bike at the track and there will also be a quietest, they will just both be quieter than now.

However if noise is not relative then I suggest we put in place rules that allow those with the quieter bikes to beat those with louder bikes with pillow cases full of soap.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again... anyone that thinks aftermarket (or loud) exausts are the root of the sound issue is wrong. The absolute root is perception of sound.

Search for: db, perception & my username and you can read more. :p

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