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2007 Crf 100

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My 12 year old son is out growing his CRF100 mainly due to the suspension. He can stand over a 150 and tip toe on a 230...

cash flow is tight right now for buying a new bike and i was wondering if there is a way to increase the suspension travel on the CRF100??? Are there any local southern California shops that can do that??

What are your opinions?? would it be worth modifying or should i just save up to get a new bike???

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TK Racing rear suspension link.


CR 80/85 forks, 19" front wheel and dics brake.

The 86-89 CR forks are a direct bolt, Just need to swap bearing styles

The Inverted CR 85 forks will requier a custom stem.

Lots of information on this forum. Just utlize the search opition

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