03 yz 450 kickstarter bouncing around

My kick starter seems to have too much play in it. When it is tucked in normal position for riding it moves forward and back a little too much. I checked the bolt and it still moves or vibrates too much Any advice on how to tighten it up so it doesn't do this. I am afraid it is tearing up gears inside the case

Is it moving on the splines of the kick axle shaft? in that case it may be stripped, you may be able to pull it off, clean everyting and retighten the kickstarter back in position on the shaft.

If the free-play is at the shaft (with the kickstarter off), then maybe something inside such as the torsion spring is loose/broken? you would need to pull the right case cover and inspect/replace.

Alittle free play may be normal, somebody else might answer that? A small amount of free play at the kickstarter axle would be more at the end of the kickstarter

The shaft itself should have no rotational free travel at rest that is not resisted by the spring. I think you are right in your suggestions.

there is no free play with the kick starter off. Will have to study it and get back to ya. Just seems a little sloppy while the bike is running

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