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Rebuild '94 XR 650L

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I am new to motorbikes and riding.

I have my dads XR 650L and need to do some work.

I am in Flagstaff, AZ

Took it to the local shop and it failed a leak down test.

I would like to do the work myself. I would like to get a rebuild "kit" but think I will need to send the head for some work and maybe the cylinder will need some work.

Any insite for doing the top end??

Thanks for any input


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pull the head and take a look. get the manual and check to see if it's still in spec. bore wise and not out of round. if it's still in spec. i'd just rehone the cylinder, put in new rings and button it back up. check the cam chain while you're in there. you'll need a micrometer to check the cylinder specs. it all starts with the shop manual. i did my '98 xr400 last year and it took a day to rip it down, re-hone, and clean it all up. about 2 hours the next day to button it up. good luck

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