anyone installed new starter jet on WR450?

My starter jet is in, I ordered a 70 and 72, I can't recall if any one has reported the results of their cold starting with the new jet. I've done all the other jetting and it starts very easy when warm, it also starts pretty easy when cold, but you have to give it about an 8th throttle.

I've got one ordered, can't get all the stuff I ordered. Makes it tough to jet the bike! Let us know when you try it. My bike started pretty easy as soon as I remembered to push the ignition button :).


Keep in mind that the starter jet is used only when the choke is on. At your advise, I went with a 48, I am thinking that the 48 is too rich (barely). I am going to drop to a 45 or take my fuel screw in 1/4 of a turn. I think that is why the throttle needs to be opened 1/8, to let in some air. I don't think 1/8 is putting any gas in the tube. I would try the fuel screw first.

My bike started pretty easy as soon as I remembered to push the ignition button...

And I thought I was the only one. I probably kicked it 7 or 8 times before I realized it wasn't on.

:confused:Why won't it start??

:blush:Duh! How embarrassing.

:DMy bro-in-law laughing at me as he pushed his e-button.

Ya, and I thought this new electric leg solved all my problems! Wish I had only kicked it 6 times, more like 25 with my wife watching the first time I started the bike. :):D

Allinson, I went from a 45 to a 48 Pilot and to me it still seems too lean in the lower revs. I'am going to try a 50. Maybe I'am screwed up on this, but I rode it down in St. George which is much lower and it was still hesitant and back firing a little. Also I realize the starter jet is for choke only, and you would think that if you have to give it a little gas with the choke on that its too rich and yet the YZ450 has a 72 starter jet compared to our 65's and those start first kick. Thats why I was wondering if any one has tryed the bigger starter jet.

I installed a 72 with the help of jeff from eugene and was amazed at how well it starts cold, pull choke, no gas, starts on first try, 10 to 15 second warm up and off choke. Also installed 160 main and 48 pilot. I think you will like it. my first ride, it took about 5 minutes to get it started and forever to warm up. heading for central Oregon saturday to try out new jetting.


Yes, I have installed the 72 starter jet and it starts much better when cold. It is the way to go!


how cold is your cold.

in maryland in my garage its @50, have to use choke, plus 2 or 3 blips of throttle.

i think i will wait for higher temps to change starter jetting.

The factory starter jetting works great in over 60 degree starting, at sea level, where I live. Always starts up within 5 seconds. 158 main is also just right. Stock pilot is not. I can't believe that dealers don't stock more jets. I am still waiting on a pilot jet.

i can't believe the high PJ numbers you boys are running. it's less than 12 months since the thread "jetting Qs" was some sort of bible here with PJ's around 35/38.

what the hell happened. someone puts a 50m in and then thinks it's running lean!?!?

the bikes are sharper and crisper with the very low PAJ/PJ ratios. how on earth you ever reached 50 i shall never know.


I'm at around 4000 ft and a 48 pilot made things worse. Went to a 40 and its much better.

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