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No Throttle Stop?

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Alright I have had my 07' 450SMR since new and finally get in the carb today to pull the throttle stop, AP cap, and rejet this thing and it turns out that there is no throttle stop installed. I know there is supposed to be one, saw Coffee's throttle stop in his video and bought the Sudco needle set screw to swap out, but it turned out there was already a flathead needle set screw in there. I know Coffee's bike is the TE 250 but didn't think it mattered? I know the dealer didn't mess with it because they wouldn't mess with anything unless there was something in it for them (I live in FL if that tells you anything). Just thought it was worth seeing what you guys think about that. I can't wait to see how this thing runs to, just waiting on my radiator back from McKinney Radiator Service in NC. 182 main, 42 pilot, 60 leak, DVP needle (clip 5th from top), fuel screw 1.5 turns out sound about right for FL (sea level and around 75-85 deg avg.)

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