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1999 TE610 stator options

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I searched and read a lot on this but have some questions. Apparently the newer KTM stators fit in some of the later models of Huskys. Are there any options for the 1999 TE610 at all that any of you are aware of, like that? Not sure how the parts stack up to the later model huskys.

I'm looking to do a few things...

1) Convert to DC to run a small lead acid (or gel) battery to help prevent intermittent lighting dimness since I spend all my time on the street.

- best to do the floating ground mod, or simply an AC to DC rectifier?

2) Get more output from the coil. I've seen conflicting reports of options but the parts diagram from Halls Cycles shows open posts on the 1999 TE610, possibly enough for a second output!

- any detailed how-tos on this? I've seen the XR650R ones but might need a little more detail, having never tried this before.

Recommendations, overall? Are there two phase rectifiers/regulators available that could take two AC inputs from the stator (stock, and one I wind) and produce a single DC current to charge battery and run lights?

Thanks. I'm a n00b but do search/read everything I can and just haven't found answers or recommendations to the above. The plan is to run (at least one) 55/60 watt beam in front, possibly LED tail and blinkers, etc, and the stock AC coil isn't cutting it, and obviously won't work with a battery w/o converting to DC with a rectifier or similar. Just want to do what's best!

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