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bike for a beginner

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im in the market for a bike and was looking at the KTM 250 exc (2stroke or 4) or possibly the 450.

im leaning towards the 450 as i figure it will last me longer but then also im thinkin a 250 as the power will be a bit more forgiving for a newbie. also im thinkin a 4 stroke as it i plan to use it as a supermoto as well as trail bike. im 6ft and 175 pounds so im also thinkin im gonna be too light for the power of the 450.

i have ridden bikes in the past a couple of 125s and a xr200 i found the 200 boring the 125 was fun but still felt like it needed a little more.

also will be taking the maintence side of thins into account from what i understand the ktms are pretty good maintence wise and are much easier to work on compared to the others (honda, yamaha etc)

any input would be extemeley appreciated.

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