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bike for beginner

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The maintenance from one OEM to another isn't "easier", just different. So do not feel like you need to immediately jump towards a KTM. They are good bikes, but in many ways they are only different. An considering that the XR200 that you mentioned actually had almost 10hp less than any modern 125 2 stroke, I can imagine that it was boring.

The only real challenge in your bike selection is that you want to run Supermoto. In this case you are going to have to spend some time at your local Supermoto races and see who's running what. And then see if one particular shop is doing more than another. And it's that shop that you want to buy your bike from.

Finally bike size will need to be aligned with the classes that your local Supermoto track runs. They may not have a 250f class. Or they may have an extremely modified 250f class, and a box stock 450 class.

Let your wallet decide, as I know that road racing (including Supermoto) is not cheap in any way.

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im in the market for a bike and was looking at the KTM 250 exc (2stroke or 4) or possibly the 450.

im leaning towards the 450 as i figure it will last me longer but then also im thinkin a 250 as the power will be a bit more forgiving for a newbie. also im thinkin a 4 stroke as it i plan to use it as a supermoto as well as trail bike. im 6ft and 175 pounds so im also thinkin im gonna be too light for the power of the 450.

i have ridden bikes in the past a couple of 125s and a xr200 i found the 200 boring the 125 was fun but still felt like it needed a little more.

also will be taking the maintence side of thins into account from what i understand the ktms are pretty good maintence wise and are much easier to work on compared to the others (honda, yamaha etc)

any input would be extemeley appreciated.

Kal, might be best to check out an Aussie forum such as DBW or OBT. The bikes and situations overseas are different to here.

Depending on your budget and what kind of riding you will be doing - and where, the KTM might not be the go at all.

I would definately not say the KTM 4-strokes are any easier to work on than any other 4-stroke. 2-strokes are simpler to work on than 4-strokes though.

Post your question in an Aussie forum with a bit more info and you'll get a heap of useful info.:p

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