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Need suspension help on my 08 for cross country/woods riding

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:p I have an 08' kxf250 and love the bike and the power over my 07, but like the 07 I havent gotten the suspension dialed in for the woods/cross country. Everything is basically stock on the forks and shock, but after messing with the clickers i still cant seem to get it very plush in the woods. I'm about 170 lbs, and ride around an intermediate rider but have slowed up in the last few years after a few bad accidents. I've been having some issues getting my bike to feel plush in the woods, and it doesnt seem to soak up the breaking and acceleration bumps. Any small bumps, roots, rocks seem to throw me every which way to where i feel out of control. I have my front forks only 2 clicks out from softest and my rear probably 8. Rebound is around 16 from hard if I remember correctly. I rode my buddies 09 kxf450 and it felt more plush and stable in the small chop so im convinced its not the spring rate although some articles tell me I need the next softest spring rate from stock for moto/enduro riding. I've thought about messing with oil weight and levels but thought i'd ask around first to see if anyone has came up with a solution to a similar problem ive been having? I'd appreciate any feedback!


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