chain recommendation

So I put 5 hours on the stock chaing, and it is now about 6 miles long (not suprised). Before I go get another one, I was going to ask some recommendations... I would like a non-O-ring chain, and can spend about 90 bucks. anyone car to throw some guidance?

First, I recommend you rethink your resistance to sealed chains and go with a Regina ORN-6.

Failing that, their RS-3 and RX-3 chains are excellent.

I've had great luck with the regina, and also the RK.. Pay close attention to proper chain tension, if not a 450 will eat up just about any chain.

i like the d.i.d ert2.. havnt had any problems with it and u can find them for around 40 bucks right now in some places.. the orn-6 is a good chain as well.. i just never used it.

I have a did ert2 on both my bikes

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