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new flex jet fuel screw..can you confirm the pilot jet i have in is correct eddie?

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g'day eddie,just put in a new flex fuel screw and its great,i have a klx450r with a KX pipe and stock klx header.pilot jet i have in at the moment is a 42(stock is 45)leak jet is stock and its a 50.i have done as you said in regards to setting the pilot circuit and found the following-

if i turn the screw all the way in the bike will die just as the screw reaches the fully seated point -no problems there..if i turn the screw back out from just off fully seated with the bike running it starts to smooth out and picks up at about 1 turn and sounds the same till about 2.5 turns after which it starts to gradually get shittier again..no problems there either. when leaving it set at around 1 turn out i get considerable decel pop(obviously on the lean side)...2 turns out and this is much better but still there to some degree..3 turns out its slightly better again..yet at idle when adjusting the screw 3 turns out doesn't run as good as 2 or 2.5? where do you reckon i should have the screw set?, 2 turns out and put up with a little decel pop or 3 turns out and run on the rich side(or even go back to the 45 pilot?).your help would be much appreciated cheers

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