So disappointed in 2008 450

I can't believe I would ever say this of a 450 but the 08 motor is weak. It's the most boring motor I've ever rode. It had the feel of a 125 (all top end) I never needed more then my 05 crf450 could give and I loved the spread of power. I ride the desert in Utah and I found myself having to shift a ton on the yz. The whole bike felt so vanilla:banghead: . The suspension was a tragedy but thats due to the clickers. I'm thinking of selling or trading and getting a kx. What do you guys think? can you pump character into this bike cheaply? or should I just get the kawi? also what clicker settings do you run? i'm fast amatuer 175lbs desert. Thanks guys

What! Blasphemy! ha ha jk but i have an 08 450 with the Dr. D full exhaust and my bike moves! I have had a lot of friends ride it that ride other brands(KTM, Honda) and they think its a powerhouse!

I think this guy is from the honda forum"2009 issues"lol.

I think this guy is from the honda forum"2009 issues"lol.

I pitty him if he is because the '09 CRF got some really bad reviews... Yamaha didn't change its bike and beat the NEW Honda ... Sad on Honda's part. :)

Yeah and to think I was so close to buying a 09 CR450F! They are having quite some problems with EFI leaking into the oil and the clutch is garbage. Ridiculous if you ask me when you are going to spend over 7K on a race bike.

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