New England WR400 needs some assistance!

Hello to all,

I recently aquired a 1999 WR and am looking for someone to assist me in dialing in my Bike. I have read all the free mods and have only performed the Air Box and Baffle changes up to this point. I see that Carb jetting seems to solve alot of issues with the WR. I need someone with carb experience that typically rides Northern New England Terrain (NH). I do not want to change to YZ timing. I am not looking for more power just smooth acceleration with no glitchs. :) I would also like the opportunity to send a email or PM too you if I get in trouble. Best Regards. Mark

did you do the throttle stop??

Taken from Bill (the moderators) sig:

Factory jeting by Taffy EMM #2, 38PJ, 55PAJ, 158MJ, 160MAJ, 60SJ and 1.5 FS at 500-2,000'

These settings should work well for you.

You should also check the accelerator pump timing. Some have been known to squirt for up to 4 seconds - this will wreak havoc on your jetting. Search on KL mod for details on how to fix it - this is a variation of the BK mod done by NH Kevin for pre-00 models.

I live in Nashua - at least for two more weeks. Feel free to PM me if you want.

e-mail me at my address below if you want.

Northwood, NH

> smack dab between Concord and Portsmouth off of Route 4.


[ August 09, 2002: Message edited by: NH Kevin ]

Thanks for responding.

LewiChris- I will be making the throttle stop shorter. From past discussion 9mm seems to be the correct length. Let me know if this has changed.

Z4me- Thank you for the jetting recommendations. I do have 2 questions.

1. Is bills bike YZ timed?

2. Does bills bike have the air cut out valve removed (octopus)? (Maybe I should ask Bill the moderator)

NHKevin- I see from past forums that you were very busy with dialing in your bike. You seem to have alot of experience with the carb settings. I might be sending you a email...

Thanks again. Mark

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