yz 450 03

Hi ive got an 03 yz 450 and on the weekend i rode my mates kx450 06 model.Now his bike turned so much better breaked better and was like riding in a lounge chair compaired 2 mine.And felt so much lighter then mine.So can sum1 tell me who has owned 1 if they are all like that do i get my suspension done or i have read about 05 suspension on to the 03 or its not realy worth doing it to it.But in saying that mine has so much more grunt then his and he said it himself after getting off mine

For the most part it boils down to his bike being 3 years ahead of yours in motocross evolution. Any '06 bike of any color will turn better than your '03 YZ. The '03 to '05 YZ's weren't exactly known for being the most nimble or for that matter, lightest feeling bikes out there. You can improve the feel and steering performance of your '03, but you'll never put it on par with any '06.

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