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Web camshaft fitted and tested

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Its taken me longer than I expected to puchase a web camshaft, but having so many other prioritys to constantly dredge my wallet, I had to put it off a little longer than I wanted.

Any way a couple of weeks ago I bit the bullet an rang procycles and placed the order with Jeff, & 3 days latter it arrived, from Oregon to Brisbane, AWSOME service.

Well I got around to fitting it the other day, and im pleased to say it compliments all the other improvements made to the bike so far, Its ability to breath better is noticeable.

Its by no means a radical difference, but definitely noticeable, It seems to feel better every where but mostly the mid range acceleration build up and upper mid range.

The engine related improvements so far that im running at the moment are the JE high comp. piston, TM40 flat slide, web camshaft, full stayintune zorst with header weld ground and increased air box ability to breath better.

All these little enhancements have finaly started to make the DR go like a 650 single should, mind you it could be better and the engine is strong enough to cope with a lot more power than the 35 hp it rolls off the show room floor with, just take a look at the resaults BSR1 has pulled out of his hat, He has set the new bench mark for DR 650 performance, Well done BSR1

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