WB E series, Questions.

I just got the E series S bend and am wondering what head pipe to get, the tapered or high boy, and has any one used the Tork valves for the headers or the quiet core. Your experience and feed back with these products is greatly appreciated.

White Bros. reccomends the Tapered Head Pipe for the S-Bend silencer and the High-Boy for the ProMeg Silencer. Of course I didn't learn of this until I had purchased the Pro-Meg along with the Tapered Head Pipe. I believe the tapered pipe is suppose to help smooth out the bottom-end and give it a little more power down low. That's what I preferred and I have no complaints about my set-up. It runs strong and the pipe and silencer both made a real improvement. I think the bottom line is, you won't go wrong either way.

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